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I'm about to start using the labeling feature of TC (Great product :)) and have a question:

I have 1 root VCS: svn:\someserver\MyRepo

With label rule: trunk=>tags

And in all my projects I use checkout rules to only checkout the needed projects like so:

Prj1 - Conf1: +:MyPrj1/trunk => /

Prj2 - Conf1: +:MyPrj2/trunk => /

Prj3 - Conf1: +:MyPrjCollection/MySubPrj1/trunk => /

... you get the picture

What will then happen if I set auto label on each successfull build on ex. Prj1 - Conf1?

A. Will my trunk simply be label into MyPrj1/tags/LabelName, as i'm hoping for?

B. Or will the entire root VCS be labeled (MyRepo\tags\Label) or something worse?

Can anyone help me? :)

Kind regards Garrett

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If I read VCS Labeling (TC6) correctly, Labeling rules are specified as newline-delimited rules each using the following format:

TrunkOrBranchRepositoryPath => tagDirectoryRepositoryPath

So instead of having a generic label rule trunk=>tags, why not having labeling rules like:


That way, you would be sure of the resulting tree structure.

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Hi thats a bit more work than the generic rule but much better than creating a whole new vcs root :). I realized that i could just create a sandbox repo to test the feature with so thats what i Will do. And at the same time test both options and see the result. Thanks for your help. Kind regards Garrett –  Christian Mikkelsen Jun 25 '10 at 8:00
@Garrett: you are welcome :) I am interested by your feedback and see if this works like you want. –  VonC Jun 25 '10 at 9:23
Hi first of I tried going with the default trunk=>tags, but TC gave me a nice warning telling me that there where no label rule matching my checkout rule :). How cool is that, nice one team TC :). So I tried setting up the rules as you recommended and it works :). The only down side is that one has to add a new labelling rule in the shared VCS root everytime a new project is added. But I can live with that :). Thanks for your help :) Kind regards Garrett –  Christian Mikkelsen Jun 29 '10 at 13:15

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