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Here is the line I'm having trouble with...

"Drag the synergys program from the synergy folder onto the Terminal window."

I'm assuming this means a specific file within the synergy-1.3.1 folder, but I don't know which one... (unless I'm suppose to compile this first and then have a build file that I'm suppose to drag to the terminal and run the command on?)

The configuration seems pretty easy providing I get the hostname correct.

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synergys is the name of the synergy server binary (synergyc is the client). If you downloaded source code then naturally you'll need to compile it first, but synergy also comes as a pre-built package

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I downloaded the pre-build zip, but not sure that's actually what I wanted. This URL shows the various files... ... looks like I needed the OS X tar. Think I can get it now. – doublejosh Jun 25 '10 at 8:29

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