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Is there any way to convert a BigInteger into a BigDecimal?

I know you can go from a BigDecimal to a BigInteger, but I can't find a method to go the other way around in Java.

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You have a parameterized constructor for that.

BigDecimal(BigInteger val)

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There is a constructor for that.

BigDecimal bigdec = new BigDecimal(bigint);
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thanks a mill!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –  Regis Jun 25 '10 at 3:59

public BigDecimal(BigInteger unscaledVal, int scale) Translates a BigInteger unscaled value and an int scale into a BigDecimal. The value of the BigDecimal is (unscaledVal/10scale).


unscaledVal - unscaled value of the BigDecimal. scale - scale of the BigDecimal.


NumberFormatException - scale is negative

Good luck!!!

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