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i m using .NET mvc2 for my application. i want some custom authorization on my actions. i have googled a bit and there seems to be two options available.

  • Impelement logic in onActionExecuting in custom Action Filter see this post
  • subclass authorizeattribute or implement Iauthorization interface and put my logic there

My question here is that which technique is preferable with pros and cons of using each technique

edited: Moreover i can override onActionExecuting and onAuthorization in my base controller that gives me benefit of accessing controller variables directly.


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Did you find any pro and cons? Right now i am dealing with the same question. What was your solution? –  user565475 Jan 6 '11 at 13:15
using onActionExecuting gives u benefit of accessing private members as well. while in filters u probably have access to only public properties and methods. i used subclass of AuthorizeAttribute because this is what it is for and gives u clean separation of concerns –  Muhammad Adeel Zahid Jan 7 '11 at 5:55

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While both options are OK, it is best to subclass AuthorizeAttribute for these reasons:

  1. Separation of concerns.
  2. MVC provides the AuthorizeAttribute for this purpose (don't fight the framework).
  3. The authorization filter is run first -- before other filters (per Pro ASP.NET MVC3 Framework, page 431). This ensures no unnecessary code will execute if an unauthorized user hits your controller/action.
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