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I went to the this java site and loaded the files in a new project in netbeans 6.8 . I removed the package declaration and put them in the default package of the project. I tried to compile it by right clicking and selecting run(Shift + F6) on the SingleLaneBridge.java file. This program compiled without errors.

This is what I got :

alt text

Then I tried another method, which included copying the java files to a folder and compiled them manually using commandLine. Then made an html file and put the reference to the SingleLaneBridge.class file. Still I got a similar grey screen with the buttons. Then I tried again by downloading the pictures and the sound file (Note: All this time images and the sound file were called from the website):

1)Red car

2)Blue car


4)Crash sound file

Then I put the images in the folder where the notepad files were. The image and sound path(s) was set appropriately in the BridgeCanvas.java file so dont worry about that.

After this I tried it out in Eclipse as well. But the same gray applet window with buttons showed up.

I would like to see the cars and bridge in the applet, like in this site.

Thanks for your time.


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