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I have a asp.net application and have a requirement to implement a new functinality on a existing aspx page. Let us say I have pageA.aspx, I have to add a new button to this page which will invoke a modal window pageB.aspx.

I have added a new HTML input button ("show image"), and on the onClick event I call a JavaScript function. The code of the function is as below.

function InvokeItemPic() 
    returnValue = window.showModalDialog('PageB.aspx?item= 600010-012&company=ASG', '', 'dialogWidth=100;dialogHeight=100');

Now when I click on the new button, pageb.aspx appears as a modal window with no problems. Now I close the pageb.aspx, and return to pagea.aspx. Now, the actual problem, no buttons on the pageA.aspx work. There are some 4 other buttons apart from "show image", all of them do not work. But these buttons work before I click on "show image". I do not know what am I doing wrong here.

I tried to use window.open instead, still I found the same problem.

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Impossible to say without more code... maybe you've got an error in pageA that is breaking the other scripts afterwards, maybe there's some kind of ‘shade’ div going over the buttons to hide them... certainly showModalDialog won't cause this on its own. Although you should definitely consider in-page pop-up-divs in preference to ugly user-hostile modalDialogs, if you can. –  bobince Jun 25 '10 at 8:47
thanks bobince, you are right. there was something else causing the issue. There was some custom javascript code put to prevent further clicks.. i solved the problem. –  Nikhil Jun 25 '10 at 11:33

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