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Well, lets say I'm building ActiveMQ based chat application. It's pretty simple. Having only one QUEUE.IN and one TOPIC.OUT. All messages are simply routed right away from QUEUE.IN to TOPIC.OUT. Clients are producing their chat messages to QUEUE.IN and consuming from TOPIC.OUT. That's all.

Now, I wanna cluster it. Don't need something complex. Just run few other identical nodes (A..N). Basically, client, subscribed to A node, sends message to A.QUEUE.IN. This message must then appear on all other nodes (A..N).TOPIC.OUT. This could be easily done by simple camel route that re-route all messages comes to TOPIC.OUT to other nodes, but is there some nice ActiveMQ-native way to do so? Like some queue/topic shared among several AMQ instances?

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could you explain first why you would name the Queue differently on each node ? ActiveMQ Can easily be clustered so the queue QUEUE.IN exists on all the different nodes.. Activemq will then distribute the messages to the correct consumers on the same node OR a different node.. , you can keep the same logic with the routing.. However, since i am asking questions anyways: why would you produce on a queue and then simply route them to a topic ? You can easily just make your clients produce on the topic in the first place. It saves you some overhead – Noctris Jun 25 '10 at 15:00
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I think you can find your answer here:

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You can forward messages to multiple endpoints in activemq using virtual destinations.

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