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In terms of communicating different messages within an app would a good idea be to create a class for each message type? Some of my messages will need a reference a model object.

For example DoThisMessageType:


Messenger.Default.Register<DoThisMessageType>(this, delegate(DoThisMessageType dt)
  // do something

How do you use messages in your applications? Do you keep them all together in one spot?

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Definitely have a different class for each message type. This helps keep registration of handlers simple.

To help group your message types together, I would suggest having a MessageBase type that they all derive from. This opens up multiple ways of discovering all the message types that your app handles - using Reflection for example, or Resharper's Go to Implementation feature.

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Yes, recommended. You could also use a Structure to hold message type strings too. Dim X as new NotificationMessage(Of String)(MessageTypes.DoSomething1) for example. –  Rick Ratayczak Jul 1 '10 at 7:37

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