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I am new to Matlab and have difficulty understanding global variables. For example

global x y z

What does global mean? Could you give me an example?

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Without global, a declared variable has a limited scope, that is, it cannot be used outside the "part" of matlab where it is declared. This wiki article has a decent discussion of what scope is in a generic sense.

For Example, if you declare a variable inside a function definition, then that variable can only be used inside that function - not in another function. If you define a function at the command line (the so-called "base workspace") it cannot be used in functions.

global defines a variable in the "global" scope - it can be used anywhere, in any function, etc. Except in limited cases, it is generally a bad idea, since it makes controlling how and when a variable has changed very difficult. You are usually better off returning something from a function, then passing it to another.

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The keyword GLOBAL in MATLAB lets you define variables in one place and have them visible in another. The statement global x y z declares x y and z to be global. If that definition were placed inside a function scope, and a corresponding global definition in a separate function, then the two functions can share data without the need to pass parameters. Like so:

%% fcn1.m
function fcn1( val )
global store
store = val

%% fcn2.m
function y = fcn2()
global store
y = store;

Thus you can call fcn1 to store a value, and use fcn2 to retrieve the value later.

Using GLOBAL data in this way hides the dependencies between your functions, and is considered pretty bad practice.

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could we say that global variables among functions likes the attributes in a class? – ibrahimyilmaz Jun 25 '10 at 11:26
Not at all. global defines a variable shared by every part of matlab. Actually the exact opposite of class attributes. – Marc Jun 25 '10 at 12:58

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