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Following on from my last question, are the AssemblyMajorVersion, AssemblyMinorVersion, AssemblyRevisionNumber and GenerateRevisionNumber properties required in .vbproj files?

All of our components have these entries in the .vbproj files but they are completely out of sync with the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion entries in the AssemblyInfo.vb files.

Are they a legacy from the upgrade from previous VS versions?

Can I just remove them?

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I don't know the authorative answer but seems like legacy, none of the VS2005 .vbproj files I looked at have them and they don't get many hits on google and one of the places I did get a hit is in a sample file to Programming Microsoft® Windows® with C# which was published in Dec 2001 it seems.

You could try to compile the assembly, make a copy of it, remove those attributes and then re-compile and do a file compare on the assemblies and see if they're identical.

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good idea, I'll give that a try.. I think they are legacy from VB4 or VB6 - these components have been through the mill: VB4 -> VB6 -> VB.Net 2003 -> VB.Net 2005 -> VB.Net 2008 (and soon VB.Net 2010 if I get my way!) –  Shevek Jun 25 '10 at 11:21

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