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I'm trying to implement the following graph reduction algorithm in

  • The graph is an undirected weighted graph
  • I want to strip away all nodes with only two neighbors
  • and update the weights

Have a look at the following illustration:

Algorithm reduce graph

The algorithm shall transform the upper graph into the lower one. Eliminate node 2 and update the weight of the edge to: w(1-3) = w(1-2)+w(2-3)

Since I have a very large graph I'm doing this with MapReduce.

My Question is how to represent the graph in HBase. I thought about building an adjacency list structure in HBase like this:

Column families: nodes, neighbors 1 -> 2, 6, 7 ...

Is there a nicer way to do this?

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Adjacency lists are the most frequently recommended structure.

You could use each node ID as the row ID and neighbor IDs as column qualifiers, with the weights as values.

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