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I have a set of swf files and can view them one at a time. However what I would like to is to view them in magazine format, as below: First view is: swf file1 (magazine front cover) Next view: swf file2 (magazine page 1) on left + swf file3 (magazine page 2) on right Next view: swf file4 (magazine page 3) on left + swf file5 (magazine page 4) on right Next view: swf file6 (magazine page 5) on left + swf file7 (magazine page 6) on right etc etc Last view: swf filex (magazine back cover)

So it's like flipping through a amagzine. This is what one can see on I'd like to get the software that will do this. Preferably free!

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Check out Megazine, it's an open source page flip engine that will do exactly what you need written in AS3, source code is available.

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While this link may answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here and provide the link for reference. Link-only answers can become invalid if the linked page changes. – lrineau Jan 20 at 14:29

I'm not familiar with, but seems like you could very easily accomplish this with basic HTML. Split your viewing area into two equally-sized side-by-side regions and put a flash object in each one. If you've got a fairly standard naming convention, you could programmatically determine the files that would go together. (even always on right, odd on left)

For a given spread, the pages for that spread are

leftpage = (spreadnumber * 2) - 2;


rightpage = (spreadnumber * 2) - 1;

So, spread 3 would be pages (3*2)-2 = 4 (left) and (3*2)-1 = 5 (right).

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