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I would like to know what does .do webpages stand for ( as .php stands for PHP pages with PHP Scripting) and what is the scripting language behind it.

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According to WikiPedia, .do is:

a pseudo file extension representing an Apache Struts action. It does not map to an actual file extension, although it appears that way.

However, you can't really say anything about the technology behind based solely on the "extension", i.e., the server can be configured to use .do for PHP files etc. This can be done in order to secure backwards compatibility or whatever.

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I've also seen quite a few Spring MVC applications which have .do pages which really are just .jsp:s under the shroud. – Esko Jun 25 '10 at 12:00

.do is the commonly used convention to denote a Struts action. Like .jsf for JSF . But there is no compulsion that all struts action should map to .do extenstion. It can be configured in web.xml to .anything. Also a simple servlet can also be mapped to a .do extension. So nothing can be derived by just looking at the URL.

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While .do seems to be a Struts convention, it is used in Spring and Spring MVC as well. This SO thread talks a little bit about that, also noting that whereever Servlets are used, '.do' files can be used: Why do Java webapps use .do extension? Where did it come from?

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