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I have a WCF service hosted in a windows service. This WCF service is only going to be used on the local machine so I have chosen named pipes for endpoint. However when I try to connect to WCF service from the client instantiated by JavaScript in IE, endpoint is not found.

However if I stop the windows service and run the executable (it can detect whether environment is user interactive or not) then client can connect from IE as well.

BTW, I have tried setting security to None in binding configurations.

So far:

IE is running JavaScript in a lower integrity level than named pipe is created, which is normal since service has system integrity level. Question now is lowering the integrity level of created named pipe.


I will leave this question to remind myself how stupid I am. Answer is hidden inside the question. As the executable detects that environment is user interactive, it runs all registered services in the executable. When you start a service manually, well, you start a service.

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When I a similar problem I fixed it by doing as Christian details in Dealing with OS privilege 'issues' in WCF Named Pipes scenarios

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It looks like it is a different scenario, where it suggests using a windows service to host. That is what I am already doing as a must and in fact the source of the problem. Thanks for the link anyway. –  orca Jun 28 '10 at 9:55

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