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If I create an IDisposable during the TestFixtureSetup of an NUnit test, and the test throws an unanticipated exception (e.g. external resource fails), will the IDisposable's Dispose() get called?

If not, does NUnit provide guaranteed execution of TestFixtureTearDown or somewhere else that can be used for cleanup?

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No it won't be called. IDisposable is used for deterministic finalization usually used in conjunction with the using statement. You could call the Dispose method in the TestFixtureTearDown though.

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Note that TestFixtureTearDown won't be called if TestFixtureSetUp fails or throws an exception: "So long as any TestFixtureSetUp method runs without error, the TestFixtureTearDown method is guaranteed to run. It will not run if a TestFixtureSetUp method fails or throws an exception." NUnit TestFixtureTearDownAttribute Documentation – Dane Jan 7 '15 at 12:56
As of NUnit 2.4, Dispose() will be called on your TestFixture, so that gives another place you put your cleanup code. Release notes on 2.4 Alpha: "If the object implements IDisposable, Dispose is called before destroying it" – vossad01 Feb 22 '15 at 17:35

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