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If you add, delete or rename a property on a persisted entity, what's the easiest way to update the documents in RavenDB?

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Look at the documentation here, it is well described: ravendb.net/docs/client-api/partial-document-updates –  Dofs Jun 7 '12 at 10:24

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RavenDB supports PATCH commands, see the docs for more info for more info. This way you can update a document directly without having to pull it from the server, update it and then send it back.

Also you can run patches over multiple documents by using Set-based queries, see here for some more info. This lets you do the equivalent of

SET IsActive = false
WHERE LastLogin < '2010-05-10'
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raven also has object tracking. so the following works:

var doc = _session.Load<MyDocType>(docId);
doc.PropertyToChange = "New Value";
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