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We have many questions here about stack traces and analyzing exceptions that have been thrown.

I am using RedGate Reflector to examine the workings of some .net classes. In particular, I am looking at the ConnectionString property of the System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection object. Reflector indicates that this property may throw an ArgumentException if an invalid connection string is supplied.

My question is: given that this property may throw this particular exception, how can I analyze the code to find where the exception might be thrown from? The property calls another function to set the value. This function does not throw the ArgumentException directly. I want to know how I can find where this exception might be thrown from.

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I haven't used it but you might look at Jason Bock's ExceptionFinder for Reflector

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I have never used it before, but I think another Red Gate product, Exception Hunter, is designed to do this.

Like I said, I've not used this, so feel free to down-vote if you've tried it and it's not useful.

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Does anyone here use this tool? – Daniel Allen Langdon Jun 25 '10 at 14:35

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