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The 'e-novative DocBook Environment' is a brain dead simple DocBook toolchain built specifically for the Win32 platform by a company called e-novative GmbH. The company appears to have went out of business. Their website [] is dead and apparently the install files for their DocBook environment have somehow managed to disappear from the face of the internet.

I have searched and searched [and searched some more] and every single download link I come across ultimately points back to the company's dead website. I cannot believe that there are no other copies of the software.

If anyone can either provide me the install file or point me to a place that has them I would be eternally grateful. So much so that I would offer up my first born child in payment. Okay, that's not true but I would be very very appreciative!

Many thanks in advance!

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I've uploaded the version that I have to this location:

I believe it's 1.3.0.

Update: The file is apparently also available on the wayback machine.

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Probably not what you are looking for, but there's also a port for Unix available: – Filipe Correia Nov 3 '11 at 15:37

Start your search at the wayback machine

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