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I am chewing through a specification for an iPhone Web App (NOT native). The request implies a lot of general charting functionality, mostly line chart and bar charts. On the implementation side of things, it means a lot of re-formatting of existing web content using an iPhone Web App framework (most likely JQTouch).

Given the capabilities of the device browser, is there a specific charting library you'd recommend, which runs acceptably on the mobile Safari with reasonable overhead?

We are interested in the following charting functionality:

  • Line and bar series
  • Legend display on chart area or outside
  • Dynamic series support (e.g. show/hide series)
  • Dynamic series creation in JS

I have looked at Flot so far.

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There are several jQuery based plugins for that (including Flot):


And the Filament Group has a nice one as well:


I've used the latter though we eventually scrapped it when we realized we only needed bar graphs and it was easier to just roll-our-own simple implementation using a bit of jQuery animation and some divs.

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The free and excellent Google Chart Tools lets you create both static image charts and interactive (javascript) charts.

They look quite nice:

alt text

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