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I've a dijit.form.Combobox field which uses a ItemFileReadStore to pull Its data. Teh ItemFileReadStore has two attribute per Item value which will be used for form submission , generally Unique Integers and label which is Human Understandable String. In ComboBox HTML I've done searchAttr="value" labelAttr="label" When the ComboBox Shows the list it uses teh label Attribute. But When the User selects one of the Item it shows the value of that Item.

What I want is , The value Attribute will Still be used for Form Submission. But the User will always see the label in the combobox Control.

alt text

e.g. I Want to Show The Label for value 3 (Admin) instead of 3

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Use FilteringSelect instead of Combobox.

Note: ComboBox only has a single value that matches what is displayed while FilteringSelect incorporates a hidden value that corresponds to the displayed value.

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I am trying it but it doesn't work. Any ideas? – Gaurav Mar 1 '13 at 11:37
Try jQuery if you can? – anton1980 Apr 1 '15 at 1:46

I have tried the following.

var cmbObject = Registry.byId('combo dojo id'); var id =
cmbObject.item.<Code Property>;

You should check if item is null.

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