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I need to do a find and replace, where I need to replace 2 lines at time. Does anyone know how to do this in the VS2008 IDE?

To clarify, i want to replace 2 lines with 1 line.

Many thanks

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duplicate:… – nawfal Mar 29 '12 at 17:27
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Thanks to František Žiačik for the answer to this one.

To perform a find/replace, replacing multiple lines, you need to switch on regular expressions and use a line break (\n) between your lines, also using (:b*) at the start of each line to handle any tabs or spaces tabs.

So to find:

line one
line two

you would search for ":b*line one\n:b*line two" (without the quotes)

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Try Multiline Search and Replace macro for Visual Studio.

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You can activate the 'Use regular expressions' in the find dialog, and use \n to match a newline. In your case, type FirstLine\n:Zs*SecondLine.

:Zs* skips leading blanks on line 2.

For example ,\n:Zs*c matches a comma, newline, any number of blanks, a 'c'.

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instead of :Zs you can use :b which matches tabs, too – tanascius Jun 25 '10 at 15:44

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