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I'm looking for an Android device suitable for presentation of Android applications.

I seen that some devices are starting to include support for HDMI TV out, which is great but they all seem to only allow usage for video and sideshow playing purposes.

Do anybody know if there is a way (or device) that allows you to have the Android screen mirrored on its HDMI out?


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Seems we'll have to wait for some custom ROM like Cyanogen for this to happen... –  xamar Jul 8 '10 at 11:06
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The HTC Droid Incredible will handle what it sounds like you are wanting, via a special cable. Otherwise you are looking at a solution like Droi@Screen. One thing with Droid@Screen is that the frame rate tops out at 6 fps because of the ADB.

See my question thread here: See my question thread here for the detailed answer from CommonsWare.

Original information from CommonsWare posted Feb 1, 2011 here (original answer to my similar question).

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I tested Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and Galaxy S II and they have good mirroring support.

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