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I need a good, reliable library or toolchain for programatically rendering text to png, with different sizes, fonts, weights, etc. It also needs to be able to render text in an arc or to a path. I would like it to be fast, because I'd be running it as on a server.

I've tried using SVG and librsvg, but that doesn't render <textPath> elements.

I've tried pycairo, but again, the text to path doesn't work great, and everywhere in the cairo documentation it mentions that text-to-path is a "toy" and shouldn't be used for serious applications.

Python bindings would be best, because the server runs python. But I'll take any suggestion.

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Qt has a SVG module, i believe it supports the textPath element.


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yeesh. after a whole day of wading through the (horrible) pyqt4 documentation, I'm getting a segmentation fault for no reason at all when I try to render the svg to a QPainter object. I'll keep at it, though –  colinmarc Jun 25 '10 at 23:00
finally got it working, but qt doesn't render textPath elements, I guess. –  colinmarc Jun 29 '10 at 22:41

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