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This isn't much of a programming question, but I'm sure I'm not the only person here who has this issue.

Currently I have two machines with Outlook 2007. They both sync e-mail from Google Apps. One of the machines publishes my calendar to a secure server, which my other machine is subscribed to. The problem with this setup is that I have read-only calendar access on one of my machines, which sucks. Also soon I'll be upgrading to a smart-phone, so anything I do will also have to support that scenario.

  1. Is there a better way to handle Outlook synchronization without setting up an exchange server in my basement?
  2. If I have to setup Exchange, is it possible to make it pull e-mail, via IMAP, from Google Apps?
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Question 2: Yes. Use your Exchange server as you normally would then add your IMAP email account to Outlook. I have a client that has done this for his office staff and it's been working fine for years.

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Question 1: Yes. Plaxo.com free CMS synchronization service.

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