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I prefer to define certain macros inside of my struct definitions, so it's easy to see possible values for a given member. For example:

typedef struct foo_t {
    uint16_t flags;
        #define FOO_FLAG_BELL       0x0001
        #define FOO_FLAG_BOOK       0x0002
        #define FOO_FLAG_CANDLE     0x0004
        #define FOO_FLAG_LANTERN    0x0008

Doxygen wants to list those macros at the top, with all of the other macros. I've make use of the grouping tags (//@{ and //@}) to group these macros together, and named the group with foo_t.flags, but I'd like to find a way to more-closely associate the values with the structure. Should I use \link and \endlink to somehow link to that group name?

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Use enums.

typedef struct foo_t {
  enum flag_define { 
    FOO_FLAG_BELL    =  0x0001,    /**< The flag for the bell or whatever. */
    FOO_FLAG_BOOK    =  0x0002,
    FOO_FLAG_CANDLE  =  0x0004,
    FOO_FLAG_LANTERN =  0x0008,
  } flags:16;                      /**< My flag thing */
}  foo_t;
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+1: that could work for some situations. In other cases, I need to define a name as a combination of other names, or two names to be the same value, or the enum values are for an 8-bit field in a frame header. Best answer so far though... –  tomlogic Jun 25 '10 at 21:34
you can have enums with the same value, there's no restriction there. And you can by combining with the preprocessor concatenation operator ##. You can also reuse a value to define another: enum { val1=1, val2=2, combined=val1|val2, }; should work. –  tristopia Jun 26 '10 at 15:00
It is a beautiful construct, thanks I was looking exactly for something like this to make our new coding standard. –  dashesy Mar 21 '13 at 16:03

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