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I am developing a logging framework using Log4j. I am not able to figure out how to maintain separate log files for different environment, i.e., development, testing, staging and production.

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Firstly you'll need a different copy of your log4j.xml for each environment.

Lets call it log4j-dev.xml, log4j-test.xml, log4j-stage.xml and log4j-prod.xml each having their own settings like log file name and log levels.

You then pass in the corresponding file at the the server startup as a system property like below -


This URL has the example on how to pass this for Tomcat. The concept is the same for whichever server you are deploying on.

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On Windows, I have used "set CATALINA_OPTS=-Dlog4j.configurationFile=log4j2-dev.xml" instead of log4j.configuration

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