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I'm using two popular plugins with success for the most part:



They both work fantastically. However, I cannot seem to get context menus working inside a fancybox. The normal right click menu is suppressed, so I'm led to believe there is a z-index clash somewhere. After checking and updating styles though I still can't get a context menu inside a fancybox.

They both work great separately however. Anyone combine these successfully or experience similar issues?


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You will most likely (without your code I can only guess) need to call the contextmenu plugin inside of the fancybox onComplete callback

For example:

    //other initialization options
    // ...
    // ...
        //call the context menu plugin here
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Adjusting your css files will do nothing probably as ContextMenu is adding 'zIndex: 500' and zIndex: 499' directly in it's js. Adjusting this to 99999 and 99998 worked perfectly.

Great plugins.

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