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Similar to this question, but for Viper users specifically. How do you customize Viper?

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My .viper:

(setq viper-expert-level '5)
(setq viper-inhibit-startup-message 't)
;;; '/' Search ignores case
(setq case-fold-search t)
;;; Can't live without auto-indent in any mode, be it text or source code
(setq-default viper-auto-indent t)
;;; Electrifies Viper
(setq-default viper-electric-mode t)
;;; Useful if you like to bang the ESC key
;; (setq-default viper-no-multiple-ESC t)
;;; This doesn't work for me - YMMV
(setq-default viper-ESC-moves-cursor-back nil) 

I picked the above customizations from this thread (which has a lot more, though most of is obsolete / redundant when you use Vimpulse) :


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