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To, for example, access variables in a NSDictionary Cocoa frameworks often define keys, such as UIKeyboardBoundsUserInfoKey. How can I check if a key is defined at runtime? I found examples on how to check for classes and functions, but not for constants.

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Jasarien's answer is roughly correct, but is prone to issues under LLVM 1.5 where the compiler will optimise the if-statement away.

You should also be comparing the address of the constant to NULL, rather than nil (nil has different semantics).

A more accurate solution is this:

BOOL isKeyboardBoundsKeyAvailable = (&UIKeyboardBoundsUserInfoKey != NULL);
if (isKeyboardBoundsKeyAvailable) {
  // UIKeyboardBoundsUserInfoKey defined
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Check it's pointer against nil, like this

if (&UIKeyboardBoundsUserInfoKey != nil)
    //Key exists
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Thanks, works great. –  Johan Kool Jun 26 '10 at 0:15
I've added an answer with a correction which might be of interest. –  Nathan de Vries Mar 11 '11 at 3:08

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