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I have two categories that need a special template. Each has one post and will display differently. So I read that if the category is named, for example, 'testing' and the template name is 'testing.php' then it should use that correct? Why would it not? I keep previewing the post and it just redirects to the home page.

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Naming the template testing.php won't work. You need to use either a slug or ID of your category, so either category-testing.php or category-ID.php if you know the ID of category (ie. you're not making a theme for release and your IDs are constant).

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Category templates, which your version of WordPress has, can do it.

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What version of WordPress are you running. WordPress 3.0 is new and will support what you want out of the box as you described.

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It is 2.9.2 Cant upgrade it either, not my site.. – thatryan Jun 26 '10 at 4:00
Running 2.9.2, you can use category-CAT_SLUG.php – TheDeadMedic Jun 26 '10 at 10:32

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