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I've seen this done before in various C++ libraries - namely Qt (QtCore, QtGui, etc.) and Irrlicht (irrlicht.h):

// file - mylibrary.h

#include "someclass1.h"
#include "someclass2.h"
#include "someclass3.h"
// and so on...

Obviously this exists for convenience - a programmer wishing to use the library only has to include one header instead of lots of different ones. My question is, is there a special name for this type of header file? Even if there's not an "official" name, what you you refer to it as? A "convenience header" or "module header" or something?

Names given so far (with sources):

User contributions (no sources):

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That's a nice question :)

I've found some sources that call it master header file, e.g:

When it is used to host headers for the header precompiler, it could be called precompiler global header:

However I don't think that there's a single widespread way to call it.

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Hmm, "master header", I like that. :P – Jake Petroules Jun 26 '10 at 2:35
I'm accepting your answer as it was the first answer with sources provided. @Chuck Nothing against yours, but I think it's important to have sources on something like this. ;) – Jake Petroules Jun 26 '10 at 3:49

I don't know if there's any official name, but the only one I've heard is "umbrella."

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convenience header

I have seen them referred to as convenience header files. Here is one example from boost that I pull up with a quick google search.


Never actually heard/seen someone call it a meta-header but the idea fits and is much easier to say than umbrella or convenience. I even found a reference to that name with a google search.

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Having only used Boost among the references given I think of it as "convenience header" too :) – Matthieu M. Jun 26 '10 at 12:33

how about

header header?


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I like "meta-header" (which I just this second invented :-)

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