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I am trying to create a panel which will contain both a Date and Time field. The trouble is when I try to put this inside of another panel. The date and time fields don't show up. What am I doing wrong? Here is my code so far for the panel definition.

var DateTime = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {
    id: '',
    xtype: 'panel',
    fieldLabel: '',
    layout: 'table',
    dateField : new Ext.form.DateField({ 
             id: 'dateField', 
             msgTarget: 'under' 
    timeField: new Ext.form.TimeField({ 
             id: 'timeField', 
             msgTarget: 'under',
             increment: 1 
    layoutConfig: {
        columns: 2
    initComponent: function() { 
         Ext.apply(this, { 
             items: [this.dateField, this.timeField] 
         }); ; 
     getValue: function(){
        var returnValue = new Date();

        var dateValue = this.dateField.getValue();

        var timeValue = this.timeField.getValue();
        var hours = timeValue != null && timeValue != '' ? timeValue.split(':')[0]: 0;
        var minutes = timeValue != null && timeValue != '' ? timeValue.split(':')[1].split(' ')[0]: 0;

        returnValue.setMonth(dateValue.getMonth() + 1);

        return returnValue;
     setValue: function(value)
        var hours = value.getHours() % 12;
        var displayHours = hours - 12;

        this.timeField.setValue(value.getHours() + ":" + value.getMinutes() + " " + hours > 12 ? "PM" : "AM");

Ext.reg('dateTime', DateTime);
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2 Answers 2

Notice you create the dateField and timeField on the prototype rather than per DateTime object.

Perhaps this is giving you a hard time if you create more than one DateTime object ?

To resolve this, move their definition into initComponent

initComponent: function() { 
     this.dateField = new Ext.form.DateField({ 
         itemId: 'dateField', 
         msgTarget: 'under' 
     this.timeField = new Ext.form.TimeField({ 
         itemId: 'timeField', 
         msgTarget: 'under',
         increment: 1 
     Ext.apply(this, {
         items: [this.dateField, this.timeField] 

Note also the use of itemId as opposed to id to avoid global IDs that again work against having several copies of your component

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This line:;

does not match your class definition. It should be;
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