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I am getting this error 'Cufon' is undefined on my blog The error comes on Line 20, char1.

I also get the error 'dtsv' is undefined on Line 57 and character 3.

The errors comes only on IE7 and IE6 and no other browser. I donot really care for IE6 but the error on IE 7 is a major source of concern. What can be done to get rid of these errors?

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The problem is happening in other browsers too -- check your error console.

For "Cufon is undefined", it's line 20 - that line is: "Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4 ,h5', { fontfamily: 'Museo Sans 500' });

So .. whatever "Cufon" is supposed to be - it's not defined. I notice that there's a link just prior to this:

Which is resolving to a 404 error (not found) -- so that's probably your problem.

The "dtsv is undefined" problem is the same thing. Line 57: dtsv.root = ''

At that point, dtsv hasn't been initialized, so you can't set a property on it.

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cause your Cufon file is not found, check the url to your file. And what is dstv ???

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