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I know I can access environment variables in powershell using $Env. For example, I can access FOO with $Env:FOO

What I can't figure out is how to access the environment variable called FOO.BAR

$Env:FOO.BAR doesn't work. How can I access this from within Powershell?

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To access any kind of PowerShell variable where the name contains non-alphanumeric characters, use the ${…} notation as in:

PS (STA-ISS) (1) > ${env:variable.with.dots} = "Hi there"

PS (STA-ISS) (2) > ${env:variable.with.dots}

Hi there

This works for variables in any drive (registry, filesystem, etc.)

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Thanks! I figured it was something simple! –  Jesse Weigert Nov 24 '08 at 2:44

Found the answer to my own question:

Use the .NET method to get the variable:

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That only works if it's in env:. –  Jay Bazuzi Feb 5 '09 at 17:49

Get-WMIObject Win32_Environment -filter "name='foo.bar'"

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