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I like the approach of having property bag objects (DTOs) which define the interface to my server, but I don't like writing code like this:

void ModifyDataSomeWay(WibbleDTO wibbleDTO)
    WibbleBOWithMethods wibbleBO = new WibbleBOWithMethods();
    wibbleBO.Val1 = wibbleDTO.Val1;
    wibbleBO.Val2 = wibbleDTO.Val2;

This copying code is quite laborious to write. If the copying code is unavoidable, then where do you put it? In the BO? In a factory? If it is possible to manually avoid writing the boiler plate code then how?

Thanks in advance.

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That looks like a job for AutoMapper, or (simpler) just add some interfaces.

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Thanks - could you expand on how to use interfaces in this situation? –  ng5000 Jun 26 '10 at 9:41

This needs more error handling, and you may need to modify it accommodate properties where the data types don't match, but this shows the essence of a simple solution.

public void CopyTo(object source, object destination)
            var sourceProperties = source.GetType().GetProperties()
                   .Where(p => p.CanRead);
            var destinationProperties = destination.GetType()
                .GetProperties().Where(p => p.CanWrite);
            foreach (var property in sourceProperties)
                var targets = (from d in destinationProperties
                               where d.Name == property.Name
                               select d).ToList();
                if (targets.Count == 0)
                var activeProperty = targets[0];
                object value = property.GetValue(source, null);
                activeProperty.SetValue(destination, value, null);
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Automapper (or similar tools) might be the way forward here. Another approach may be the factory pattern.

Simplest of all would be something like this:

class WibbleBO
    public static WibbleBO FromData(WibbleDTO data)
        return new WibbleBO
            Val1 = data.Val1,
            Val2 = data.Val2,
            Val3 = ... // and so on..
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