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  • JS required amyway on site. but prefer pure-CSS/HTML
  • IE7+, iPhone supported
  • Old browsers (e.g. IE6) not supported
  • Standard HTML with no crazy kludges (eg cufon, images, cifr).


  1. What fonts support 4 or more weights? Most seem to only have one or two. Answers so far:
    • Myriad Pro (supposedly? test below fails for me)
  2. How can I degrade gracefully to some other styling that mimics the perceptual effect of font weight?

Relevant links:

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The first question is not what fonts support a large number of weights: It's whether the browsers do.

The answer, as far as I can see, is, no they don't, not reliably. normal and bold are the only two weights you can work with really.

See the related question here. I think this 2009 Blog post still holds true:

Font-weight is still broken in all but one browser

Update: I overlooked that you already link to that particular post, sorry. I think it's still the state of the nation - at least, I doubt this is achievable for IE 7 without Cufon, sIFR and similar.

Update 2: See Eric Meyer's test suite for a live example to test on.

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