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I am trying to update the Roles a specific group has in my application. The Group model I use in my view has an additional AllRoles IEnumerable attached to it, so that in my view I can do something like this:

<%: Html.ListBoxFor( model => model.aspnet_Roles, new MultiSelectList( Model.AllRoles, "RoleId", "RoleName" ), new { @class = "multiselect" } )%>

This generates a multiple select drop down as expected. However, coming form PHP, I noticed that the name of the select was without square brackets, maybe that is OK in ASP.NET but in PHP it is wrong. Now, how do I go about updating the group after submiting the form, more precisely, how can I read the multiselct selected values. What I need is that based on the RoleIds that I receive to Add respective aspnet_Roles to my Group model.

Trying to read the received values using HttpContext.Request.Form["aspnet_Roles"] failed and is also ugly. Can I somehow use the model to fetch the needed data? Controller function:

[AcceptVerbs( HttpVerbs.Post )]
public ActionResult Edit( SYSGroups updatedGroup ) {}


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The selected ids will be sent as a collection:

public ActionResult Edit(string[] aspnet_Roles) 
    // the aspnet_Roles array will contain the ids of the selected elements
    return View();

If the form contains other elements that need to be posted you could update your model:

public class SYSGroups
    public string[] Aspnet_Roles { get; set; }
    ... some other properties

and have your action method look like this:

public ActionResult Edit(SYSGroups updatedGroup) 
    // updatedGroup.Aspnet_Roles will contain an array of all the RoleIds
    // selected in the multiselect list.
    return View();
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Can I avoid using another parameter to the Controller function? Can I use the received aspnet_Group to read the collection? public ActionResult Edit( SYSGroups updatedGroup ) {} –  Interfector Jun 26 '10 at 9:57
Yes, add the Aspnet_Roles array property to the SYSGroups model class as I've shown. The property you are binding to in the Html.ListBoxFor needs to be an array like Html.ListBoxFor(model => model.aspnet_Roles, ... - aspnet_Roles needs to be a string array. –  Darin Dimitrov Jun 26 '10 at 10:00
Just adding that parameter to the Controller function is OK, doesn't make sense to add weight to my model. Thx. –  Interfector Jun 26 '10 at 10:05

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