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whenever you install a package in ubuntu, it is added to manual install and the system will make sure it is updated and configured correctly. but i cannot find a way to remove the packages from the manual install list.

i want to do this so i let the package system to take care of that package and remove it when it is unnecessary to my system.

thanks, David

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I see you've got a good answer, but for future reference this sort of question is better asked over on superuser.com. –  crazyscot Jun 26 '10 at 16:10

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The answer, as with most debian based package questions, is Aptitude.

sudo aptitude 
/(package name here)
hit n until you find the correct package.
M marks it as auto.
m marks it as manual.
those options are also in the "Package" menue.
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thanks, that's cool :) –  davidshen84 Jun 26 '10 at 12:06
sudo aptitude markauto PACKAGE_NAME
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