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I am trying to create a view on Drupal 6 (views 2) that simply displays the latest node of a specific type and all of the associated comments from that node.

I am sure that there is a simple method to do this that I just don't know.

Algorithmically, I would solve it by ascertaining the latest node of the type and then recursing through all its children. But I can't apparently do that.

Thank you.

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Good news! This is not so hard. :)

Create a view that you will use as your front page. Have it grab and display the single node that you want along with it's comments. Then, under filter, pick node: Post Date and do greater than -1 and less than +1 days.

Here's an example:

Basic settings Name: Defaults Title: None Style: Unformatted Row style: Fields Use AJAX: No Use pager: No Items to display: 1 More link: No Distinct: No Access: Unrestricted Caching: None Exposed form in block: No Header: None Footer: None Empty text: None CSS class: None Theme: Information -- Relationships None defined -- Arguments None defined -- Fields Node: Title Title Node: Post date Post date Node: Body Node: Last comment time Last comment time Node: Add comment link Add comment Node: Comment count Comment count Comment: Title Comment: Author Author Comment: Body -- Sort criteria None defined -- Filters Node: Post date > -1 day Node: Post date
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