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I have added a cgi script in cgi-bin folder.

Now... How can I know if this cgi script is executing ?

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Make a robot arm out of Lego Mindstorms, set it up so you can drive it from the server. Write a script that will make the arm dial you on a telephone, then have a speech synthesiser shout out "I AM RUNNING". Now all you need to do is make the CGI script trigger the robot arm whenever its running.

If you don't have this essential debugging gear, you could just make it write to a log file or something mundane.

Or just check your server logs.

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Have the CGI script create a file. If the file exists, then you know it has been run.

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create a file ? what file ? thanks ^_^ – xrobot2 Jun 26 '10 at 15:00
You're just interested in knowing if the script actually ran, correct (in other words... is it hooked up?)? If you just add some code that create a file when the CGI script executes and then call the CGI script from wherever it's to be called from, you would have a file created. If it doesn't work... well, then the file won't exist. Alternatively, you can have the script email you or something. – Gert Grenander Jun 26 '10 at 15:05

Try to delete it when you think it should be running....

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