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I just downloaded the code from http://cocoadevblog.com/iphone-tutorial-creating-a-rss-feed-reader to see how to implement rss feeder And it shows a warning " class 'Parser' does not implement the 'NSXMLParserDelegate' protocol " at [rssParser setDelegate:self]; in parer.m. App loads in simulator but does not work. I checked in refernces foundation is included. Any idea ?

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If you are building for iOS 4, make sure your interface looks like this:

 @protocol NSXMLParserDelegate; //makes sure it builds in previous versions of iOS.
 @interface Parser<NSXMLParserDelegate> {

That said, this is just a warning. If your code is correct, it should work.

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was about to post similar thing - was too slow +1 though ;) –  jrtc27 Jun 26 '10 at 15:40
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