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I have an XPath query which needs to match some text in a span attribute, as follows:

my $perl_query = qq(span[text\(\)='It's a problem']);


Where the text has no apostrophe there is no problem.

I've tried the following instead of 'It's a problem':

'It\'s a problem'
'It&apos\;s a problem'
'It\${apos}s a problem'  #some thread on Stackoverflow suggested that this was a solution implemented by Selenium, but it doesn't work.

Any ideas?

On a different note, if I can't solve this, I'd be happy enough matching 'a problem' but not sure how to do regex matching in XPath with Selenium.

Thanks for any pointers

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It's an XPath problem rather than the Perl problem.

The problem is discussed and answered here: http://kushalm.com/the-perils-of-xpath-expressions-specifically-escaping-quotes

This includes a pig-ugly C# impl.

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I just had the same problem and google didn't give me a satisfied solution.

I tried to substring this: value=' - ending with an Apostrophe.

My XPath that works look like:

"substring-after(., concat('value=', ''''))"

So four Apostrophes in a row.

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A couple of suggestions; hopefully at least one of them will work:

my $perl_query = qq!span[text()='It\\'s a problem']!;
my $perl_query = qq!span[text()="It's a problem"]!;
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Thanks - but none of these worked... (and it isn't a curly quote either). So in the end I captured and looped through all span values, then used normal perl regex to match that to my string, as in: my $text = $sel->get_text() #insert XPath to span element in parantheses #use everyday perl to see if $text contains "It's a problem" –  CColin Jun 28 '10 at 10:53

Is it possible that the actual text on the web page is a curly quote and not a straight apostrophe? Also, you may have extra space at the beginning and end of the span, so that the strict equality against your string won't match.

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Consider breaking up your string if possible:

my $spanValue = q/text()='It's a problem'/;
my $perlQuery = qq/span[$spanValue]/;

# $perlQuery = span[text()='It's a problem']
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