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Using WPF, I have a TreeView control that I want to set its ItemTemplate dynamically through procedural code. How do I do this? I assume I need to find the resource somewhere.

myTreeViewControl.ItemTemplate =   ??
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If the template is defined in your <Window.Resources> section directly:

myTreeViewControl.ItemTemplate = this.Resources["SomeTemplate"] as DataTemplate;

If it's somewhere deep within your window, like in a <Grid.Resources> section or something, I think this'll work:

myTreeViewControl.ItemTemplate = this.FindResource("SomeTemplate") as DataTemplate;

And if it's elsewhere in your application, I think App.FindResource("SomeTemplate") will work.

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if your treeview control requires different templates for your items, you should implement DataTemplateSelector class and set it's instance to your tree view. as far as i remember there is a property of DataTemplateSelector.

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