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Anyone have a script (JScript, VBScript or similar) in the spirit of this handy script but adding the MSIUSEREALADMINDETECTION property

I know I could use Orca manually or with its transform feature, but would rather not go there.

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Some refs

Modifying the CustomAction_NoImpersonate.js referenced in the question gives this script which can add/set any value in the Properties table.

Call with "cscript.exe MSI_SetProperty.js your.msi property value"

// MSI_SetProperty.js <msi-file> <property> <value>
// Performs a post-build fixup of an msi to set the specified property (and add it if it doesn't already exist)

// Constant values from Windows Installer SDK
var msiOpenDatabaseModeTransact = 1;
var msiViewModifyInsert         = 1;
var msiViewModifyUpdate         = 2;  

if (WScript.Arguments.Length != 3)
    WScript.StdErr.WriteLine("Usage: " + WScript.ScriptName + "file property value");

var filespec = WScript.Arguments(0);
var property = WScript.Arguments(1);
var value = parseInt(WScript.Arguments(2));
var installer = WScript.CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer");
var database = installer.OpenDatabase(filespec, msiOpenDatabaseModeTransact);

WScript.StdOut.WriteLine("Looking for property:" + property);

    var sql = "SELECT Property, Value FROM Property WHERE Property = '" + property + "'";	
    var view = database.OpenView(sql);	
    var record = view.Fetch();	

    if (record)
    	while (record)
    		WScript.StdOut.Write("Found: " + record.StringData(0) + ", " + record.StringData(1) + ", " + record.StringData(2));
    		if (record.IntegerData(2) != value)
    			WScript.StdOut.WriteLine(" - changing to " + value);
    			record.IntegerData(2) = value;
    			WScript.StdOut.WriteLine(" - OK");

    		record = view.Fetch();
    	WScript.StdOut.WriteLine("Not found, so adding");
    	// There may be a better way to do this?
    	sql = "INSERT INTO Property (Property,Value) VALUES ('" + property + "','" + value + "')";
    	view = database.OpenView(sql);
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What is the hex value of MSIUSEREALADMINDETECTION. or do you simply set MSIUSEREALADMINDETECTION?The reason, I ask this when i run the script, it always goes in the else block and a new property gets added. also, my installer still seems to be running under system account and not the user account –  Dhawalk Aug 9 '13 at 21:18

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