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I know this is a basic PHP question, and I'm trying to learn the stuff. I very familiar with HTML, CSS and familiar with the CONCEPT of PHP, but not with specifics.

I have always partnered with a back end developer to accomplish this stuff and to set up wordpress sites, etc.

I'm building a very basic four or five page website (a showcase for the client's custom fishing rods: http://www.tuscaroratackle.com/index2.php). I want to call the page header (as in logo, navigation, etc., not as in the head element) dynamically from a php file, and same thing with the footer, so I don't have to rewrite all the markup on every page for these bits.

I don't intend to use a database for this site, I was just thinking I could call those two bits from another file, as you would in a wordpress setup with the header.php in the wp-content directory.

Is there an easy explanation on how to do this? (I get the basics, just looking for help on the more specific PHP calls that need to be made)

Or, if this is not an answer somebody could easy give, can you point me to a good resource to research it further?


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You betcha - include and require -

using include

in your page:

  <?php include 'header.php'; ?>

in your header.php

<div id="header">
   <!-- content -->
   <?php echo "run php stuff too"; ?>

would result in:

   <div id="header">
     <!-- content -->
     run php stuff too
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You should put the header html code in some file such as header.php and then include it with php like:

include ('header.php');

You should specify the correct path there, for example, if you put the header.php file in includes folder, you can include it like:

include ('inclues/header.php');

More Info:


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Put in a separate file and use include, require or require_once.


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Look into PHP includes.

The way I normally do it is to create a file called includes.php with two functions header() and footer(), then call them on each page like such:


function header(){
   echo '<div id="header">Welcome</div>';

function footer(){
   echo '<div id="footer">Goodbye</div>';


   echo '<div id="content">Main page body</div>';


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