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Is there a way to work with HDFS Api using Ruby? As I can understand there is no multilanguage file Api and the only way is to use native Java Api. I tried using JRuby but this solution is to unstable and not very native. Also I looked at HDFS Thrift Api but it's not complete and also lacks many features (like writing to indexed files).

Is there a way to work with HDFS using Ruby besides from using JRuby or Thrift Api?

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There are two projects in github that fit what you're asking. ruby-hdfs provides native C bindings to HDFS for Ruby. ganapati interfaces with a Thrift server.

You could also make system calls directly to the file system shell. For example:

cmd = "hadoop fs -mkdir #{hdfs_path}"
cmd += " 2> /dev/null"
if $? == 0
  puts 'ok'
  puts "Error: failed to create hdfs://#{hdfs_path}"
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