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I have an ogg vorbis video. It plays fine in totem and mplayer. I want to covert it to a sequnces of images, one image per frame. I can do this on ffmpeg with the following command:

ffmpeg -i video.ogv -f image 2 video-frames-%08png

However that doesn't work for this video. Each frame is all grey as if there has been loads of decoding problems. Since it works in totem, I suspect that gstreamer is better able to decode the video than ffmpeg. Is there a gstreamer command that will take in a ogg vorbis video and then create a pile of images, one for each frame?

I'm using stock Ubuntu Lucid desktop.

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Actually, the correct command line for ffmpeg seems to be ffmpeg -i video.ogv -an -f image2 "video-frames-%08d.png" –  sdaau Jan 26 at 3:52

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try multifilesink:

gst-launch filesrc location=video.ogv ! decodebin ! pngenc ! multifilesink location=img%d.png
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Yep that works. However I had to change it to jpgenc, not pngenc. If it was pngnec, it would just hang and the pipeline was stuck on "PREROLLING". –  Rory Jun 28 '10 at 12:18
that might be a bug :) –  elmarco Jun 28 '10 at 16:58

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