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I'm making a website to track which software is used internally in my company.

Is there a downloadable database which contains as much software product as possible, along its description. If I can get all sourceforge.net and code.google.com projects as database for instance - it could be really nice.

The only option I saw so far is to use feshmeat.net's data API to get their database, but I'm not sure how willing they are to share it, and it may abuse their servers.

I'll be glad to hear ideas.

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Those databases won't tell you much about proprietary products, so they'll only get you so far. And at the same time, they'll flood your system with irrelevant information about millions of apps that no-one in your company is ever likely to use, and millions more that are still sparkles in their prospective authors eyes. My guess is that this approach will cause more problems than it will solve. For example, you might match a name to some vapourware app that happens to have the same name as a commercial app that someone didn't buy quite enough licenses for 5 or 10 years ago. –  Steve314 Jun 26 '10 at 22:24
@Steve314 - that's very correct, but is it better than having no information at all, and have everyone type in their programs, possibly creating duplicates? A good approach to handle vapourwares is to filter out programs with low commit numbers, or low popularity (number of downloads). The main power of this approach is having the description available, which will help the users figure out if this is what they're talking about. (thanks for the input BTW). –  Elazar Leibovich Jun 27 '10 at 3:55

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