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im tryin to extract vertice and uv map informatie from a fbx file created with 3ds max 2010. All i could get from the file are good vertice and polygon index data but wrong uv maps.

Can please someone help me pointing in a good direction or give me a tutorial.

Thanks for ready this.

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Explaining how the UV maps are wrong would be helpful. –  cdiggins Oct 20 '10 at 15:01

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There is an example in the FBX SDK that shows you how to load mesh data into an OpenGL program. Work from that.

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Note that when you load Normals for a object that is perfectly smooth they index differently then when not smooth.

Here is a link to some code I have made to load a FBX file into system memory... thought it might help. DOWNLOAD LINK You want to look at "MedelProcess_Mesh.cpp" btw to answer some questions you might have. Hope this helps, remember I have no animation support in there.


For UVs.

int uvIndex1 = mesh->GetTextureUVIndex(polyIndex, 0);
int uvIndex2 = mesh->GetTextureUVIndex(polyIndex, 1);
int uvIndex3 = mesh->GetTextureUVIndex(polyIndex, 2);
KFbxVector2 uv1 = uv->GetAt(uvIndex1);
KFbxVector2 uv2 = uv->GetAt(uvIndex2);
KFbxVector2 uv3 = uv->GetAt(uvIndex3);

For Verts.

int vertexCount = mesh->GetControlPointsCount();
KFbxVector4* vertexArray = mesh->GetControlPoints();
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Can you repost download link? Megaupload is down. –  HaltingState May 1 '12 at 19:00
Sry its been a while, I no longer have that source code as I lost it in a computer crash. Did you figure out your issue? –  zezba9000 Jun 13 '12 at 16:09

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