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I have heard of the pains of setting up IIS. On a windows box, can I simply drop a ASP.NET application into Apache server and have it work? Or are there any other server alternatives? I am relatively new to web server concepts. I have heard suggestions for the server in mono but it doesn't seem practical using mono on a windows box, I could use a Linux box with mono, which wouldn't surprise me if it worked better then a windows solution, but for arguments sake this question is directed towards a windows box.


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@Simon has the answer below, but for the record, getting IIS to work well is not harder than getting apache to work well. My experience is the reverse. IIS 7+ on Windows 2008+ is optimized for ASP.NET. –  Erv Walter Jun 27 '10 at 1:37

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Try mod_aspdotnet.

mod_aspdotnet is a loadable Apache 2 module for serving ASP.NET content using the Microsoft's ASP.NET hosting and .NET runtime within the Apache HTTP Server process.

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My answer already includes the link. –  Gelatin Jun 27 '10 at 1:43
Is this technology outdated for .Net3.5? It seems like it stopped development prior to 2.0? Or is there other documentation not than on the sourceforge site. –  sMaN Jun 27 '10 at 2:32

I believe there's a mod_mono you can use.

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If you are windows user then you can go along with mod_aspdotnet

and if you are linux user then you can use mod_mono.

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